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Photo of a pallette of 5-Gallon Carboys of Muriatic Acid and Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5% (Bleach).

5-Gallon Carboys of Muriatic Acid and Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5% (Bleach)

Photo of ProTeam Brominating Tablets : Bulk chemicals

ProTeam Brominating Tablets 25lb-50lb

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A Clear Choice for providing Bulk Chemical solutions and deliveries that fit the unique needs of your business. Sodium Hypochlorite Solution, Bulk Chemical Products, and Bulk Water Balance Products.  Refer to our two convenient locations and service areas

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We deliver and supply mini-bulk and bulk distribution of sodium hypochlorite solution (12.5% Bleach) for municipalities, water treatment facilities, wastewater treatment facilities, agriculture, universities, HOAs apartments & condominium associations, hotels and motels, YMCAs, country clubs, fitness centers, public pools, equine facilities, waterparks, hospital therapy pools, laundry services, power washing cleaning companies, and resale.

Colony Pool Service of Delaware, Inc. provides bulk chemical solutions that fit the unique needs of your business.  We are committed to helping you and your facility at its best.

We are proud to offer a wide variety of bulk chemical products including:

  • SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE  12.5% Liquid Chlorine Bleach—Bulk Deliveries Year Round, UL Certified
    • 1 Gallon Bottle
    • Case of 4—1 Gallon Bottles
    • 5–Gallon Carboy
    • 15-Gallon Carboy
    • 1–Gallon Bottle
    • Case of 4—1 Gallon Bottles
    • 5–Gallon Carboy
    • 15-Gallon Carboy
    • 10lbs Bag Diatomaceous Earth Powder
    • 25lbs Bag Diatomaceous Earth Powder
    • 25lbs Box Diatomaceous Earth Powder
    • 50lbs LightHouse Filter SAND
    • Pool Salt 40lbs
    • Aluminum Sulfate 50lb
    • Calcium Chloride Flake 50lb
    • Soda Ash Light 50lb
    • Sodium Bicarbonate 50lb
    • Sodium Bisulfate 50lb
    • Sodium Thiosulfate 50lb (Chlorine Neutralizer)
    • Cyanuric Acid 50lb
    • Cal Hypo Shock 100lb
    • Bromine Tablets 50 lb (ProTeam)
    • Stabilized Chlorine Tabs (1" and 3") 50 lb
    • Stabilized Granular Chlorine (25 lb and 50lb)
    • Algaecides
    • Clarifiers
    • Tile Cleaners
    • Stain Preventatives
    • Phosphate Treatments
    • Non-Chlorine Shock
    • Filter Cleaners
    • Foam Removers
    • 50–Gallon Vat with lid
    • 150–Gallon Vat with lid
    • 5–Gallon Carboy Wrench
    • Carboy Pump

Our professional and dependable, scheduled bulk sodium hypochlorite solution deliveries and water balance chemicals are done by our own DOT-approved bulk tank trucks, priced competitively, and according to annual usage and quantity per delivery.  Give us a call today for an estimate at (302) 762-2250 or (610) 459-9592.

Licensed and Insured.

Fully licensed, UL certified, insured, bonded, and a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and Delaware Rural Water Association (DRWA).

Better Business Bureau® Accredited Business since 5/23/2005

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